Try These Washing Machine DIY Repairs

We use our washing machines frequently.  They make it easy to clean our dirty clothing and other materials. But, all of the constant use of the machine can take its toll eventually and cause wear and tear and damage to occur. The majority of us don’t have the skills, equipment or knowledge to fix washing machine problems and have the number of a good appliance repair long island ny service on hand. But if you are a DIYer, perhaps you can make your own repair and save yourself a bit of cash in the process.

If your machine won’t turn on, perhaps the electricity is to blame. Make sure the floor is dry before performing any type of electrical work so you don’t shock yourself or cause a fire to occur. Make sure the cord is plugged into the electrical outlet. It’s easy for the power connection to loosen.

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If this doesn’t solve the problem, make sure the power cord isn’t frayed or otherwise damaged and that it’s also securely attached to the machine itself, since the cord may sometimes detach over time. Check the lid switch and the circuit breaker as well.

Is the machine leaking? This is a big problem and a major headache when it occurs, but it’s one of the most common problems a homeowner faces with their machines.  Check the drain line and fill hoses first. Cracks or loose connections could cause a water leak to occur. Replace and tighten these components to stop the leaks. Check the inlet valve and door seal to make sure they’re not loosened and that there is no corrosion.

Finally, if your machine is making strange noises, it might be clogs or a water backup, or it could be objects stuck inside the machine. Do a quick check as these are easy fixes. But for strange noises, it’s best to call on professionals to diagnose and fix the washer.

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