Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires

Preventing electrical fires is important, especially considering that this type of fire is the leading cause of house fires in the U.S. It’s not as difficult to prevent electrical fires as you might suspect, but it does require time and effort. Keep the tips below in mind to prevent electrical fires in your home, business, and other locations.

Electrical Outlet Safety

Inspect all the electrical outlets in the home. Check cords and plugs to ensure they’re free of frays and defects, which increase the risk of an electrical fire. If any problems are found with the cords, discard and replace them immediately. If two-pronged outlets are still in use in your home, switch to the safer, more efficient three-prong outlet.

Never pulls cords out of the wall. This can wear the cord out, which increases the risk of a fire. Use outlet extenders and surge protectors minimally because they cause an increased risk of overloading the circuit. Also bear in mind that extension cords ae to be used only on a temporary basis. Use safety plugs on unused outlets if there are kids in the home.

Buy the Right Appliances

Make sure any and all the appliances you buy for your home meets the North American safety standards. It’s easy to find these items that have the American Standards Association seal of approval. Read the instructions included with the appliance and follow them precisely. And, of course, keep the items clean, use them correctly, and make sure to replace defective appliances or call out a professional.

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Call an Electrician

If you are concerned with electrical safety in the home, if lightning has struck the home, or other mishaps occur, call out one of the great dfw electrical contractors for service. They’ll make repairs and upgrades that keep your home safe and sound.

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